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Welcome to the weblog about research into the late medieval and early modern international trade on the North Atlantic islands. It investigates the economic and cultural connections of merchants from Northern German cities, such as Bremen and Hamburg with the North Atlantic islands of Iceland, Shetland and Faroe during the 15th to 17th centuries. The research is based at the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum) in Bremerhaven in cooperation with the University of Highlands and Islands in Orkney. The research is carried out by four team members, each with their individual research objectives and disciplinary background. With this blog we want to provide information about the current state of our research, and create a platform to make available results and new knowledge. Read more...

Zwischen Nordsee und Nordmeer – interdisziplinäre Studien zur Hanse

Natascha Mehler, 13 November 2015

This PDF contains a short presentation of the project and it´s team members. The paper is published in the journal “Deutsche Schiffahrt”, Vol. 2/2015, pp. 24-28. Deutsche Schiffahrt

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